Total knee replacement is a surgery for arthritis of knee joint. In this surgery, we change the degenerated and athletic portion of two bones that is femur and tibia (which forms the knee joint). The degenerate portion of femur and tibia is replaced by metals.these metals can be Cobalt chromium titanium stainless steel for oxonium. In between the metal abore i.e, metal in femur and metal below i.e, metal in the tibia. A disc has applied that act as a cushion. This cushion is made of highly cromlinked polyethylene.


-Only people with severe arthritis of knee joint who are not responding to other treatment need total knee replacement

Infection in uncontrolled diabetic patients.

With modern-day anesthetic techniques and pain medications, it is very painful. In fact, pain is similar for any other surgery.

After one day or two days from surgery

Generally on the next day of surgery patient can sit and start knee Hexion extension or even start the walk

After 48 hours from surgery patients will start walking with the help of Walker and thereafter he or she can start stair climbing also

He or she will need Walker for 15 to 30 days. Then he or she can walk independently.

Yes for some patients particularly elderly female patient